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Heather and Emily are Waterfront’s very own Agony Aunts and Matchmakers. If you’re interested in going on a Blind Date, have a Campus Crush or a question for the aunts, contact them at:

Dear Heather and Emily, I can hear my housemates having sex all the time. How do I tell them to please keep it down?

This is a super awkward situation, but not an uncommon one when student houses have paper thin walls! From personal experience wearing headphones and getting the hell out of the house are good but not exactly ideal if you hear them at three in the morning after a night out or when you’re trying to write your first piece of coursework of the year. It also isn’t fair for you to have to leave the house, it is your home too! The easiest thing, although you’ll find they will probably be very embarrassed and it might be a pretty awkward situation for everyone involved, would be talking to your housemate privately and saying ‘dude, I can hear you having sex all the time please can you keep it down because it’s super awkward for me and I can’t sleep/study.’ Hopefully, that would resolve the issue but if it continues to be a problem feel free to get back in touch!

Dear Heather and Emily, I hate all my housemates and am considering dropping out as I just want to go home. Any advice?

We’re sorry to hear that. The first few weeks away from home can be stressful and lonely. It sucks that you don’t get on with your housemates but at the end of the day you only have to sleep there. As we said in our Freshers guide, there are plenty other opportunities to make friends. How about the people on your course? Suggest a study session or a drink in JCs to see them outside of the academic setting. You’re bound to have something in common with these people as you have committed to 3 or 4 years to studying the same thing. All those societies and sports teams you signed up to have probably bombarded you with emails. GO! They’ll make your Uni experience so much more sociable and you could even run for committee positions in the future. Our advice would be to keep talking to people, they can distract you from missing home but do also Skype, call and text your loved ones and friends back home. If things are so bad that you really don’t want to stay living in your current accommodation, you can always talk to SAS about finding alternative accommodation for the rest of the year and your personal tutor should be able to give further advice and support as well as CampusLife and the Wellbeing team if you find you’re seriously struggling. We hope you start to enjoy your Uni experience soon!


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