Blind date

By Heather Harvey & Emily Jane Griffiths

Emily a Masters student studying Professional Translation and Amin a Second Year War and Society student met at JC’s for a free drink. Here’s what they had to say about each other.

What was your favourite thing about them?

E: Amin’s interest in travelling.
A: She’s beautiful, the thing I liked most was her eyes.

Did you fancy them?

E: No.
A: I’m not sure if I can go as far as fancy. She’s a good-looking woman and I appreciate her personality, but there was no real spark or chemistry.

Were there any turn offs?

E: No.
A: I don’t like openly criticising people but she wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

Would you like to see them again?

E: As friends; sure.
A: I would like to see her again. I question how much you can really know about someone after the first date.

Out of ten how would you rate the date?

E: 6/10
A: 7/10

How compatible were you with your date?

E: Not very compatible.
A: Not particularly compatible. We didn’t share music tastes or likes and interests.

Were there any funny moments?

E: Yes.
A: We laughed a little about a mutual ‘friend’.


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