Top 5 festive jumpers

It’s that time of year again when people start sporting jumpers as the winter weather moves in. From ridiculously over the top patterns to holiday jokes and the more simple, tasteful designs, here are my top 5 contenders for the best/worst jumpers this year.


Threadbare Pom Pom Christmas Elf
Knitter Hood
£28, Next

Now THIS is a Christmas Jumper! What I like about this one is the bobbly hood. Being an Elf is a classic Christmas look and this one can be used year after year.


Lipsy Snowflake Pearl Jumper
£32, Next

If you prefer something a little more tasteful this jumper might just be for you. If you’re looking to embrace a wintery outfit this jumper looks really cosy and could be worn on a regular basis rather than as a novelty statement.


Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Jumper-Hanukkah Jumper
£5, Amazon

There are many different holidays celebrated over the Christmas period and these happy menorahs are a cheerful way to celebrate Hanukkah.


Jacquard-knit Christmas Jumper
£17.99, H&M

This falls into the garish side of Christmas jumpers. From ‘YOLO’ to ‘Donut Panic…’ I’m sure some people would love the business of this one. It would certainly turn heads if you wore it to a Christmas party.


Lauren Mr & Mrs Elf Twin
Christmas Jumper
£20, Boohoo

If you and your other half are planning on going everywhere together this Christmas, with this jumper you literally never have to leave each other’s side. It might not be the most practical on this list but it’ll get people saying #couplegoals.

And a special mention…

The Fulton Outfitters’ Winter Collection
Fulton Outfitters will have a wintry range in store for this festive season. Perfect for those who want to stay cosy this winter while repping the university.
Save the Children UK now hold an annual ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ to raise money and raise the festive spirit in the cold months of Winter. The event started in 2012, encouraging people to find the most outlandish jumper they can and donate som e money. This year Friday 15th of December is the designated day but with jumpers this good why not make December Christmas Jumper Month!


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