Walking in a Swansea Wonderland

By Carys Svendsen

It’s that time of the year again: Time for reluctantly accepting the freezing Welsh rain (and perhaps snow) in your warmest outfit known to man and getting excited for accepting a blanket as your second skin once again whilst you snuggle against that special someone. Oh, and let’s not forget the excuse for hot chocolate every day. You’re also now probably aware of the army of Santa’s descending upon our literal tinsel-town and you’re pretty sure that the snowman’s eyes follow you in storefronts. Even if you’re not a fan of the festive season or if you’re a die-hard fan (I can see that you have baubles for eyes at this time of year), Swansea has an event for everyone.

Winter Wonderland

Every year, Swansea hosts an ice rink and fairground by the Waterfront Museum and when standing on the beach on a crisp, winter’s night, you get to see the Ferris wheel from the wonderland. Not only does this make a pretty awesome cover photo for any social media profile, it also makes a great date idea, particularly if you visit in the evening and then walk along the starlit beach. I’m personally excited to visit the Wonderland for the first time this year, and I’m looking forward to an evening out with a group of friends as we try out the brand new Space Ride and the Sky View Ride!

To book tickets for the ice rink or just want to find out more, be sure to check out their website here.

The Swansea Panto

Britain tends to have quite the pastime with the pantomime. Home to obvious innuendos, emphasised slapstick and permanent cries of ‘He’s behind you!’, or, ‘Over there!’ the panto is always a winter tradition. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a British pastime with hints of surrealism and amazing props then pop along to the Grand Theatre to see Aladdin with your loudest voice and prepare yourself for a few hours of constant laughter!

In addition to this, Swansea University Drama Society (Shoreline Theatre) hold their very own pantomime each year. So, if you’re new to pantomime (or an avid pantomime fan), it’s a great starting point whilst you laugh at the play with fellow students and friends in a welcoming atmosphere and is a great starting point into the pantomime culture. Be sure to check their website here.

Christmas Market

You’ll know when you’ve reached the Christmas market as soon as you head in the direction of McDonald’s. You’ll hear the sound of Bublé’s festive tunes a mile off, almost like a festive siren call. Follow the music, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Christmas market; home of many Yankee Candles and Christmas food! It’s an ideal spot if you ever feel like you need a Christmas boost and due to its welcoming atmosphere, it’s a sight not to be missed; even if you’re passing through. I highly recommend wrapping up in your warmest clothes as you walk through the market and enjoy all the festive smells around you.

Music Concerts

Finally, we come to my favourite part of the festive season: the music. Swansea hosts a variety of Christmas concerts all over the city to help bring in the festive season, as well as several Christmas Concerts within the Uni itself. You’re never too far from a festive tune this December! If you can, make sure to attend the live music concerts with the Christmas Lights switch-on ceremonies for an ultimate Christmas experience and the perfect start to the season. To find out more, it’s worth taking a look at the Swansea Bay website for more details here.


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