The Naked Gun

by Finn Basketfield

Exam season can always be a tense, stressful time for everyone, no matter the subject or number of exams. That’s why when you take a break from cramming revision (or, more likely procrastinating) it helps to have a film which is relaxing.

The Naked Gun is the perfect film for this. Starring the ‘late and great’ Leslie Nielsen (Dracula: Dead, Loving it and Scary Movie 3), Ricardo Montalbano (Star Trek 2:The Wrath of Khan), and from the makers of the cult classic Airplane!, this film is brilliantly ridiculous. This much is obvious from the plot alone; Ricardo Montalbano’s sinister plan is to assassinate the Queen, with the use of a brainwashed baseball player, when she visits the US. Of course, the only man who can stop him is Leslie Nielsen’s character, Frank Drebin.
The jokes come thick and fast and many will struggle to pick them all up the first time, but, this a perfect excuse to watch the film again. The classic one liners, (“Nice beaver!”) and the visual comedy (the first-time Nielsen and Montalbanp meet) combined make this film a classic worthy of its title. Rest assured, this film will always make you laugh if it’s your first, or hundredth time watching it.


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