Top 5 Shows to Relax to

By William Kriesher

For us students, Christmas ushers no break, but merely signals the dreaded January exam period, a time when every student prepares themselves for late nights and hard work. So, when you find yourself needing a short break and some time to yourself, what should you be watching?

Rick & Morty

Even though this show is insanely popular, there is still a select few resistant souls who have never seen this amazing show. Rick and Morty is an animated cartoon created by the fantastic Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. It is about a young boy, Morty, and his genius grandfather, Rick. However, this is a show that takes the innocence of a grandfather-grandson relationship and warps it into a twisted, hilarious comedy that is sure to entertain anyone with a dark sense of humour.


It is well known and enjoyable, but hey, it’s also a classic that deserves a spot on this list. Based around six friends living in New York, this is a comedy that could be considered the 90’s Big Bang Theory. It’s funny, engaging, and will keep you watching until the end.

Parks & Recreation

Okay, so I only heard of this show recently and I’m angry someone didn’t tell me sooner; it is amazing. Before Chris Pratt was a Guardian of the Galaxy, he was a comedy legend by the name of Andy Dwyer. With outstanding one liners and moments that will have you doubled up in stitches, this is a TV show you do not want to miss.

The I.T. Crowd

I met one of my best friends in University by quoting this show. Anyone who has watched this can vouch for it’s outstanding British humour, genius characters, and grippingly interesting content. It is so good that it has earnt its place as a cult classic, and it’s one that I can’t recommend enough.

Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane proved his genius with this hit TV show. It is full of characters and storylines that are sure to keep you watching. It is one of those shows that you have probably watched many times before, but don’t mind returning to because it is so good. The show centres on the Griffin family and, best of all, their talking baby, Stewie.


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