Love is not a pair of shoes

by Heavyn Lester

It would be nice if finding your true love was just like finding a pair of shoes.
You could go to a couple of stores,
try on a multitude of styles and designs,
and find a pair that perfectly complements you.
Have the shoes put in a neat little box, meticulously wrapped in white tissue.

But, in real life this will not do.
A person is more complex than a simple pair of shoes.
One colour cannot be used to define a person.
One size cannot be used to confine a person.
Beauty is more than sole deep.
And the size of a heel is not how many seconds it takes to know a person.

If love could be found through the fit of a shoe,
it would be thrown away the next season with the debut of a new fashion.
Cinderella didn’t know anything about fashion.
The prince, however, was a collector of shoes;
he had closets full of them in his palace.

Poor Cindy was lucky to prevent water from seeping into the holes of her one pair.
For the prince, shoes were a dime a dozen,
whereas Cinderella was lucky if she earned a dime in a dozen months.
When the prince saw Cinderella in those exquisite glass shoes,
he knew he needed to possess them and add them to his collection.
The prince charmed Cinderella, he danced with her all night,
and finally, at a quarter to midnight,
he took her to a dark corner and began to sweet talk her.
The prince attempted to get her to give him her shoes.

What the prince didn’t know,
is these shoes were the thing Cindy held closest to her heart.
They were the only thing Cinderella possessed
that represented a life apart from one full of soot.
There was no way Cindy would willingly part from those shoes,
unless her heart was to go with them.
Cinderella refused the prince her shoes,
just when she realized the clock was about to strike midnight.
Cinderella ran off, and left behind a shoe, but it was not enough to satisfy the prince.

The prince needed to possess the pair of shoes to make his collection complete,
and he now knew the only way to get the other shoe would be to possess Cindy’s heart.
The prince searched his kingdom for the maiden, whose foot would fit the shoe,
as he knew this was the only way to make the pair complete.
After an agonising search, the prince found Cinderella and proposed to her heart.
Cindy gave the prince her heart
because he made her feel like a brand new pair of shoes.
The prince and Cinderella were now joined together
and the prince’s joy knew no bounds, for he finally possessed the pair.

Desire eventually fades and as time went on,
the prince’s interest in the shoes began to fade.
The shoes lost their new shoe feel,
new shoe smell,
new shoe look.

With the passing of the season came a new collection of shoes,
and the prince found out steel shoes were now in.
Cindy’s glass shoes were pushed to the back of a dark closet
and were soon shattered by a fallen shoe.

Don’t make Cinderella’s mistake.
Don’t easily give a prince you barely know your pure, angelic, glass pair of shoes;
they will just end up in a dark dreary closet, broken.


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