Staying healthy while travelling: Keeping fit and eating well

Travelling is medicine for the mind, the body and most importantly the soul. It feeds our desires, inspires our imagination and provokes our feelings and yet as those who’ve embarked on the wondrous feat of travel and adventure will know, it is not always glamorous. Wanderlust leads us off the beaten path to unimaginable beauty, but along this path you experience unexpected amounts of bumps, bruises and stresses. On times the pressure and strain of travelling can take its toll and feel overwhelming. Thankfully the bright new trend of ‘wellness travel’ is the cure for this, helping to keep mind, body and spirit in peak working order.

Go hiking
Hiking is an almost mandatory experience when travelling. There are few places to go in the world wihere hiking is not an option, so use it as an opportunity to work out and capture the perfect photos.

Enjoy exploration runs
Personally when arriving in a new place I love to immediately go for a run. It allows me to explore the area and find my bearings and the excitement of all the new sites makes the run far more enjoyable than it normally is.

Embrace a digital detox
Use roaming charges and unreliable Wi-Fi as an excuse to shut off from technology; give your mind a break to learn to embrace the freedom of the world once more.

Utilise hostel kitchens
Eating out all the time can not only be extremely expensive, but often quite unhealthy also. Instead pick up a few vegetables from a local supermarket and cook something fresh and simple; save your money and your health.

Hydration, hydration hydration!
When embarking on long and active days, always pack a water bottle or two. Buying water constantly is not only expensive, but isn’t always possible in some places. Dehydration can be terribly debilitating yet is easy to avoid when prepared.

Walk as far and as often as you can
Walking everywhere is not only a great way to pack in some exercise whilst travelling but also opens you up to the prospect of new sites that you may have otherwise missed.

Learn to sleep whenever and wherever
Travelling can be physically demanding and mentally draining; a good amount of sleep is essential but unfortunately not always possible. Overnight buses or early flights can disrupt our normal pattern, therefore learning to sleep in any place at any time is a vital skill that all travellers must learn.

by Meryl Hanmer


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