Travel Hacks: Which Apps to download and why?

Organising flights, accommodation and activities can be a stressful task to endure, but today in 2018 there is an abundance of apps which make it all so much easier. But with so many apps to choose from, it is hard to know which are truly practical and which will simply be an unused drain on phone storage. Below are seven apps which guided me from day one through my travels and which I continue to use to this day wherever I am. This list includes a range of apps to cover every aspect of the travel process.

When searching for the most affordable flights, this app is my absolute go-to! With a month view calendar, you can see the cheapest dates on which to fly and you can receive alerts when prices change. Additionally, my personal favourite feature is the “explore anywhere” option, so if you are open about where to go, you can search for the best value flights to any destination from your closest airport.

Like skyscanner, Hopper is great for finding the cheapest flights but in addition, it prides itself on saying when is the best time to buy flight tickets. We all know how prices fluctuate almost on a daily basis and Hopper monitors this to help save you money.

My love for hostels grows each time I stay in one and hostelworld is the predominant app I use to search for places to stay. Guests have the option to rate a place on its location, cleanliness, atmosphere, value for money etc and then prospective guests can use this to make an informed decision on where to stay.

Google Maps
Widely regarded as one of the best navigation apps around, I can attest to its reliability in offering public transport options in many countries. It’s useful to note that you can also download specific areas to use offline.

Active in around eighty-four countries worldwide, Uber is increasing in popularity among travellers. This app can be used to summon a car to and from wherever you desire and with payment via the app there is no need to stress and struggle with language barriers.

XE Currency
Not a pretty or hugely versatile app, but it is effective in its purpose. Offering live updates on exchange rates for every world currency, its usefulness is self-explanatory.

Although you don’t want to spend your time in a new country glued to your phone, Netflix can come in handy to pass the time when waiting for flights, or on long journeys from destination to destination. It may be wise to pre-download episodes/movies.

by Meryl Hanmer


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