Autumn 2018 Preview

October 19th

Crazed serial killer Michael Myers is back. Just in time for Halloween. Get ready for chills and gore galore.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
November 16th

Venture back into the Wizarding World as Eddie Redmayne returns as Newt, with Jude Law in tow as young Albus Dumbledore. One for the Potterheads.

Ralph Breaks the Internet
November 30th

The sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, the titular character returns to screens at the end of November for new adventures on the World Wide Web. This time with added Disney princesses.

December 14th

Sure, the “Worlds of DC” has been on rocky ground recently. With the highs of Wonder Woman and the lows of Suicide Squad it’s understandable you’d be worried. But hey, the trailer has Atlanteans riding sharks into battle with machine guns strapped to its head. What’s not to love?

Mary Poppins Returns
December 21st

In this age of sequels, reboots and remakes not even Mary Poppins is sacred. Anyway, Mary Poppins, well… returns, to help the kid from the original film take care of his children. Could be great, could be terrible, could be an unnecessary follow-up to a timeless classic. Most likely that last one. Best go see for yourself.

December 26th

John Cena. Bumblebee. And a Transformers movie that isn’t directed by Michael Bay. Although it’s the live-action directorial debut of Travis Knight, I’m quietly confident about this one.

By Matt Walker


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