Am I really qualified for this?

An introduction

Well, who really is?
Even if you have a worked a lifetime to receive a doctorate on the subject it is a purely situational topic. I am not going to be one of these advisers who pretends they know everything, and nor am I going to gloat over my own relationship or pretend that every relationship is the same. I will be providing a column that will take aspects from my own experiences but also that of others and what they have learnt as well as what makes their unique relationships work (including a combination of the good, the bad and the ugly).

So, who am I?
I’m Katie, a second year American studies student and this year’s Relationships Editor. I have had my fair share of experience good and bad in the world of relationships and dating and I plan on being as frank and open with you as I am with my friends. A quick summary of my relationships: 4 heterosexual relationships with 4 very different people, a high school sweetheart; a rugby guy; a toxic guy and the engineer man, who I wish to marry. Each of these comes with a new and different learning curve that I hope to share with you so you can hopefully avoid some of the bad and enjoy more of the good.
Whatever your relationship status this could all come in useful.
Just a heads up, I would count myself as a feminist so if you think this will be full of Cosmo articles like “10 ways to keep a man” you are very much mistaken.
This section isn’t just for women, unlike some gossip magazines; it’s for all of us! I will be doing articles from all perspectives regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to submit an article or simply a question for the Agony Aunt, then please email me at

By Katie Brewster


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