Can a film be more than just a film?

An introduction

For a few years now, I’ve been dabbling in film journalism on and off again on my personal blog and I’ve got a bit of a reputation amongst my friends as “the go to guy” for recommendations. Although what I used to get a lot before university was a string of shocked and appalled faces when I told people I didn’t enjoy reading, I liked watching films. There seems to be a lack of appreciation among certain people for film as an art form. When done right, a movie can be as stimulating, intellectually engaging and as thematically rich as a good book.

Some people say I’m the worst person to see a movie with because I’m a critic, whereas I say if you open your mind up to the intricacies of the film industry, you’ll be surprised as to what you find. Film can make you fall in love, break your heart and help you avoid awkward silences during freshers week in your student accommodation. Sometimes all in the same movie. And that’s the journey I hope to take you all on in my year as film editor. So let’s get this started!

By Matt Walker


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