Your part-time officers 2018/19

Part-time officers represent different groups of students, run campaigns and hold the full-time officers accountable. They volunteer their energy and time to run campaigns to make University life better for Swansea University students – they’re pretty special people.

Women’s Officer
Lucia Vazquez Vaquero








Lucia is a 3rd year Product Design Engineer student, and your Women’s Officer. She’s here to represent students who identify as female by campaigning on issues that affect women in Swansea University.

LGBT+ Open Place Officer
Sam Mann








Sam is studying for his PhD in Economics and is your LGBT+ Open Place Officer. He works in partnership with the Union to hold events on issues to do with the LGBT+ community and represent LGBT+ students at Swansea University.

Swyddog yr Iaith Gymraeg
Rebecca Martin








Mae Rebecca yn fyfyriwr Sbaneg a Ffrangeg yn ei 3ydd blwyddyn a’ch Swyddog Materion Cymraeg. Mae hi’n cynrychioli myfyrwyr sy’n siarad Cymraeg ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe, a hi yw eu llais yn yr Undeb.’

International Officer
Marcelo Reka









Marcelo, a History and Politics student in his second year, is your International Officer. He’s here to represent International students at Swansea University by organising events and taking any issues to the Uni.

Environment Officer
Ana Guri

Ana is a third year Biology student and your Environment Officer. She leads on environmental campaigns and issues, and is part of the NUS Green Impact Award.

BME Officer
Travis Brown
Travis is a second year Aerospace Engineer, and your BME Officer. He’s here to represent students who identify as BME and listen to their issues.

General Secretary
Harri Evans-Mason
Harri, a second year Business Management student, is your General Secretary. He’s responsible for Officer accountability and governance, and takes part in organising events such as Student Forums and the AGM.’

Students with Disabilities Officer
Jasmine Fulcher
Jasmine, a second year Psychology student, is your Students with Disabilities Officer. She’s here to represent Swansea University students and deal with anything related to disabilities.

Mature Students Officer
Saira Jawaid
Saira, who studies Law, is your Mature Students Officer.
She’s on hand to represent mature students here at Swansea and deal with any issues they face.

Mental Health Awareness Officer
Greta Vaiciunaite

Greta is a second year Psychology student and your Mental Health Awareness Officer. She’s here to represent Swansea University students and conduct campaigns and events on mental health issues that could affect Swansea University students.


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