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Swansea; it doesn’t matter how you ended up here, there will come a time when you will have had enough of watching Netflix from the comfort of your bed and you will want to get out and explore the surrounding city area. Here are some of many things that you can get up to around Swansea:

Rhossili Bay

This beach has been titled one of the best beaches in the UK. Rhossili beach is part of the Gower Coast Path and it is a perfect spot for your new Instagram picture (especially during the golden hour). Here you can enjoy an active day out in Worms Head with various water sports, such as surfing or kayaking. If you’re lucky enough while walking alongside the paths you may be able to spot basking seals or jumping dolphins.

Three Cliffs Bay

Another beautiful beach, though more remote and a perfect spot for a day out. You can either have a picnic on the beach, or wander around enjoying a view of the remains of Pennard Castle and the incredible scenery. Grab a coffee at Pennard store and begin your adventure!

Brecon Beacons Four Waterfalls Walk

There is something intriguing about waterfalls, they even often feature as settings in our favourite books or films. Waterfalls might be small and spectacular, grand and breath-taking or just quirky and unusual. Yet they all have something magical. Within the Brecon Beacons you can visit a place that is famous for dozens of them. What is different here in comparison to other waterfall walks, apart from seeing stunning waterfalls (including one that is 90ft tall), is you can feel like your favourite fictional character and go behind the waterfall itself!

By Asia Kusnierek


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