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Contacts for Your Sexual Health Needs in Swansea

As a new student it is important to have all the contacts you need to keep yourself safe! So, here’s a list of facilities you have access to both on and off campus for all your sexual health needs during your time at University.

One option is to visit the campus doctors. Make sure you are registered with a doctor in Swansea especially if your hometown is far away. Some Things can’t wait.
The university health centre is located on the ground floor of Penmaen, and it’s strongly advised that you register with a local GP within two weeks of moving to Swansea.

The centre offers advice on contraception, pregnancy & sexual health.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
8.30am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 6pm

*please note*
9-11 am is open surgery, and 1.30- 5.30 pm is booked appointments only.

Singleton Hospital located just west of campus also has a sexual health clinic or ‘GUM Clinic’. All of their information is easy to find online at NHSdirectWales

The clinic itself provides a wide range of services surrounding sexual health from screening of a wide range of STI’s and has a wide range of contraceptives available. However, the clinic offers drop in appointments only.

Opening hours:

Mon- 8 am -11am
Tues – 8am- 6.30pm
Wed- 8am -11am
Thurs-8am -11am
Fri- 8am -11am

By Katie Brewster


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