A welcome from our food editor

À la table s’il vous plait! My name is Jacob and I’m the new editor for the food section here at Waterfront.

My hope is to not only encourage other food lovers to come forward and write for this great paper, but I wish to educate those of you who may be less well versed when it comes to cooking, as well as where to eat out in Swansea.

Having worked in the service industry for five years, both front of house and in the kitchen, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the ins and outs of food and drink. I take these experiences and incorporate them into everything I make and/or taste to give my chow that edge of distinctiveness. I have had the privilege of growing up surrounded by a family passionate about wine. I have inherited this passion and have channelled it into fixing drinks, be they alcoholic or non-alcoholic, for any occasion. That is what I want to bring to this paper. Whatever your dietary requirements, be it vegan, vegetarian, Gluten free, dairy free etc., there will always be a balance of cuisine on this spot.

Now let’s talk favourite dishes! Personally, I am an easy man to please when it comes to dining. I do, however, like everyone else on the planet, find myself in different moods when it comes to eating.

I could be in an Italian mood: make my tomato sauce, boil some spaghetti and hey presto, it’s just like mama makes it!

I sometimes find myself craving a meat feast. I prefer my steaks rare with an assortment of vegetables as well as some chips, finishing with a side of peppercorn sauce. A large glass of Malbec is also a perfect accompaniment!

I also love my fish and seafood. Couscous with a salmon fillet is as straightforward to make as it is delicious, but I can always be enticed with a prawn and mango curry.

After embarking on a semester abroad to Hong Kong, I am always impartial to Sweet and Sour Pork served with cucumber, pineapple and plenty of rice!

Whilst I’m on the topic of travel, shout out to the exchange students currently studying here in Swansea! Feel free to get in touch with regard to your favourite dishes, be them cultural staples of your home and/or food you’ve tried in the UK you can’t get enough of!

Stepping away from bigger dishes, I do LOVE a sandwich (who doesn’t?). My preference: brown bread spread with hummus, cucumber, lettuce, chicken or ham, tomatoes with a pinch of pepper to finish. Filling and healthy!

Last and most certainly not least: Kebabs. Most commonly consumed, usually in a drunk manner, at the end of a night out. I am yet to discover what makes them so delectable. I suppose we’ll have to keep consuming them till we discover the secret…

Now that I have discussed my favourite foods and my background in regard to the culinary world, I will now reference the work that we all can experience cinematic experiences. He may be a Youtuber but, by bringing the food of pop culture to life, Andrew Rea’s channel Binging with Babish is nothing short of Emmy worthy. Recreating dishes such as The Moistmaker from Friends to Freddie’s ribs from House of Cards, Andrew covers basics in the kitchen such as making your own bread, cooking eggs, how to handle fish as well as teaching you how to take care of your kitchen and your utensils. I wholeheartedly recommend subscribing.

Another thing I recommend watching is an indie film under the title of Chef. Writing, directing and starring in this flick solidifies Jon Favreau as a heavyweight in modern cinema. Most known for his directing and starring in the Iron Man films, Favreau plays a down on his luck chef who needs to repair his career as much as he does his relationship with his son. Deciding to buy a food truck, he, his son and his best friend drive this van across the west coast of America, stopping where they can to sell their signature dish: Cuban sandwiches, otherwise known as Cubanos. With Chef currently streaming on Netflix, I only have one piece of advice: do not watch this on an empty stomach.

This brings my introductory piece to an end, but the main course is still to be had! We at Waterfront are always looking for stories to publish so if you’ve had a culinary experience you couldn’t help but not write about, contact me at waterfrontfood@swanseastudentmedia.com for more details! Happy eating.

by Jacob Fleming


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