Get lost in Swansea

It’s time to get lost in Swansea.

One of the main ways I found that Swansea was the place to be was by getting lost – at first, you will feel like Swansea isn’t your home, but I assure you that it will be. Put on some wellies (because in Swansea you’ll never know when it could rain) and just walk, your feet will get you home. Exploring the surroundings of Swansea University helps the feeling of homesickness subside, I know it did with me. This new city will feel like yours soon and the homesickness will fade with each new adventure.

In the last three years of studying at Swansea University, I have found spots that make Swansea feel like my home. There are beaches and woodlands and coffee shops – there’s something suitable for everyone. Spending time in these beautiful places, with friends you’ll remember for a lifetime, allows you to capture the perfect memories that will be completely yours.

The most obvious first choice and one of my favourite places in Swansea is Swansea Bay. Only a short walk away from both campuses, this beach is the best place for a summer barbeque and revision break. If university is getting too much and it feels like your sanity is teetering on the edge of a cliff, a quick walk off campus can really help. Put in some headphones, kick up the sand and maybe (if there’s no one around) scream a little into the crashing waves. It is definitely not a hidden spot, but there’s always enough of the beach to be able to relax by yourself if you really need to be. No matter what the reason you still get the gorgeous view of mumbles pier and it will really make you feel lucky to be here.
If you want to pursue adventures slightly further afield, there are a mass of beaches that stretch the whole way across the South-Wales coastline. The most well-known of these beaches is Rhossili Bay, I recommend going in summer when the sunflowers are out. This beach is voted one of the best in Europe by The Independent newspaper and as soon as you get there you will see why.

Take time to explore Caswell Bay beaches

On the way to this beach, you can take many detours, there are many beaches to visit, but personally, I would suggest visiting Three Cliffs Bay. This beach can be a much-deserved break from civilisation. All of the hidden alcoves and caves to explore mean that there’s plenty of entertainment for a day’s trip.

If your chosen place of escape isn’t one of the beaches and it’s a nice day, then I would suggest a walk up Kilvey Hill. Even though the breeze at the top is enough to sweep you back down again, if you can find your feet it’s a beautiful view. With panoramic views of Swansea University, the bay and Swansea docks, there’s enough to get lost in if you have the time to.

A great way to feel more comfortable in a new place is by exploring somewhere that you can call yours. Whether that may be the coffee shop near campus or the pub where you and your friends will spend every Monday night, I promise you you’ll find somewhere you will be able to call yours. Swansea will be one of those places that you will remember, and whilst you will remember the people who you spend the time with, you’ll remember the area too.

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by Charlotte Husbands


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