Blind Date – January 2019

Our Editor-in-Chief Carys and international student Mustafa volunteered to take part in our blind date event. They met up in JC’s, drink vouchers in hand. Here’s what Carys had to say afterwards.

Carys & Mustafa enjoying a drink at JC’s bar & Coffee shop

Why did you want to do a blind date?
C: Because I’ve spent years trying to come out of my comfort zone and, well, this was a whole new level of being out of my comfort zone!

What were your first impressions?
C: He was really sweet, a bit shy but that’s understandable.

What did you think of their drink choice?
C: Red Bull is always a fun drink and it was deadline time so that drink was 100% a good choice.

Did you fancy them? / Were you attracted to them?
C: Unfortunately not, he was a sweet guy, but there was no spark.

How compatible do you think you were with your date?
C: Unfortunately, we just weren’t compatible. We had a couple of things in common, such as both being interested in Marvel, but we had differing opinions. Although that did lead us to have a conversation about Marvel in general, even if it was a little brief.

Were there any funny moments?
C: From nervous laughter, a few.

Where there any awkward silences?
C: Yeah, 70% of it was awkward silences.

How long did the date last? Did you want it to end sooner or last longer?
C: It lasted just under an hour and I ended it due to sheer silence for nearly 5 minutes. I had to direct the conversation or we wouldn’t have talked at all. Sweet guy, just a bit too shy for me personally.

Were there any turn-offs?
C: Unfortunately, his taste in music… I’m sorry, just not for me.

Rate the date out of 10?
C: A 3?

Any chance of seeing each other again?
C: Slim to none which sounds brutal but it’s true; we haven’t spoken since the date, so I’m going to say that we’re probably not seeing each other again.

Unfortunately, Mustafa didn’t respond when we asked him to comment on the experience.

Although this match didn’t work out, I am determined to find one that will! If you are interested in joining the dating scheme contact me at

by Katie Brewster


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