Swansea Sirens Cheerleading Squad Ready for 2018/19 season

It’s a busy time for us (the Swansea Sirens) at the moment as we’re currently in the process of training and putting together our routine performance for the 2018-19 season. We’ll be competing in two competitions and putting on a showcase. Our team consists of a strong, athletic and enthusiastic group of freshers this year to join our amazing seniors; we have extremely high hopes for placing at our competitions!

Alongside the main squad team, we also have several group stunt teams competing at a variety of different levels. This then allows everyone on the team a chance to shine and hopefully place in all the divisions we enter. Our first competition is on 10th February in Manchester and the second is 16th March in Derby. With over a month in between, we are confident we can compete once to a high standard and then have time to review and improve our routine the second time around.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend our shared showcase with local team the Swansea Falcons all-stars. The showcase will take place on Sunday 3rd February at West Street Gymnastics Centre at 5pm.

It’s only £1 to watch, and all proceeds go towards improving the team and facilities. We would love a huge audience to support ourselves and the Falcons before our competition seasons commence. We are really looking forward to this performance and we are extremely grateful for the Swansea Falcons for inviting us to perform with them.

This year we had one of the largest recruitments at freshers fayre ever. This included not only freshers, but older years joining us to give cheerleading a try. We are delighted that we have so many new faces wanting to be a part of our cheer family – taking part in training, competitions, socials, charity events and sporting events such as Movember and Varsity.

Our main aim this year was to include every single person who signs up and ensure that all members feel part of the team, and so far we feel we have accomplished this and are incredibly happy with how much progress we have made.

To join cheerleading, find the Swansea Sirens on Facebook or email cheerleading@swansea-sports.co.uk

by Megan Slater


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