The new fundraising platform set to transform Swansea

It is often mentioned and encouraged that during your time at University, you should volunteer at least once. Not only do you get to support one of the many impactful organisations in your area, you also experience the satisfaction of doing something good for someone else.

Plus, it looks great on your CV. As a student with limited finances, supporting the local community by volunteering can feel like all you can afford to do both in terms of time and finance. Donating and sponsoring are left reserved to something you can do when you are working full-time, which is a sensible decision especially when you want to give large amounts or consistently.

But what if you didn’t have to wait?
Instead, you can make small consistent donations to local charities starting now, at university. Just at the cost of two meal deals or an entry fee to a club on a night out. The amount is small but the impact when a large group of people contribute is immense for small charities. This is timely as many organisations are facing funding cuts, and with Brexit looming, it is never certain how much money will be available. One solution to overcoming this issue is through the new social enterprise Phoenix Subscriptions that has just launched in Swansea.

Phoenix Subscriptions is an online fundraising platform for students. It’s aim is to connect students with local partnering charities by allowing you to set a small monthly donation to one of these organisations and get signposted to volunteering opportunities. In return, users of the site gain access to discounts and deals from local businesses. With a variety of businesses on the platform, such as Hot Pod Yoga – an innovative yoga experience in a 20 person pod – to indie film house Cinema & Co, you can explore more of Swansea through the discounts and make great savings. Along with this, in future they hope to expand to incorporate discounts with online businesses.

The organisations that you can support through the platform include Surfability UK CIC, who provide surfing lessons and experiences for people with disabilities and learning difficulties by making adapted surf boards. Discovery SVS: The university’s own charity founded in Fulton House that runs 30+ student led projects across Swansea. Lastly, Matthew’s House Initiative offers a space hospitality and hope for some of the most vulnerable people in the city through Matt’s Cafe and other services.
Phoenix Subscriptions has also been supported by Swansea University Enterprise Team. Founded by current student Canisha Chakadya, the team provides mentor support and access to an incubation hub on Singleton Campus.

Phoenix Subscriptions founder, Canisha Chakadya
Photography by: Inês Teixeira-Dias

The message is clear, Phoenix Subscriptions is a platform that champions small charities and businesses. It also empowers students to make an impact and be part of a movement from as little as £5, knowing that your contribution will have a huge impact. Start supporting today by going online at and join!


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