In our classrooms
In 2019
We sit and we learn
Of everyone in history who was wrong
We convince ourselves we
And we alone
Would have fought for the good guys

We would have been
Swing Kids, or Edelweiss Pirates or in the White Rose group
In Germany
We would have broken windows and marched in Emily Davison’s funeral
In Britain
And sat with Rosa Parks and listened to Dr. King
In America

Because why wouldn’t we
We know right from wrong
We’re civilised members of the 21st century

But why do we remain silent
Ignore the plights of trans kids, in bathrooms they cannot use
Of black people, with opportunities they cannot access
We watch people die for their religion

But we would be on the right side of history

How could they do that
We ask of those who followed
But here we sit and follow corrupt governments
Who keep minorities down

Women across the world fight for their rights
And we ignore them
But we support women, because we support the suffragettes

When will we stop resting on the laurels
Of activists of times gone by
Their victories are not ours to claim
We must fight the fights of today
Not of yesterday

Because we must be on the right side of history
And that
Takes action and change and fight

Because too many before us were wrong
And they believed they were on the right side of history


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