DMAs Interview

One of my favourite songs of yours is In the Air; what was the inspiration behind that song?

It’s a love song about moving on from someone or something that you’ve held on a pedestal.

What processes did you go through when writing songs for your third album The Glow? And how much has the process changed for you as a band since writing the first two albums Hills End and For Now?

We constantly try to write and demo when we can, particularly Took and Mason. So, when it’s time to do an album we choose the tunes that are most suited to where we are at. We usually have about 20 songs to choose from. This process has stayed the same since the first EP, like there are some songs on this album that were written before Hills End came out, and others that were written just days before we went into the studio

What are the ambitions for DMA’S? Take over the world?

To keep making good music, to expand our fan base, and to try to enjoy ourselves.

Do you have a favourite song to play live?

Lay Down, In the Air, Time and Money.

How do your UK tours compare to those in Australia?

UK fans are a little more vocal. A bit wilder too.

What’s your favourite city or country that you’ve played in?


Do you tend to write your music based on past and personal experiences?

Past present and even other people’s experiences. Mason particularly likes to write about other people’s stories. Most of our songs are written with the melody first then followed by the lyrics, and some tunes are written over time. Like half of Silver was written years ago but the chorus part was done in album pre-production.

Do you still get nervous playing in front of some of the big audiences you attract now or has it become second nature?

The size of the crowd doesn’t really affect me. I get a bit nervy singing to twenty people or twenty thousand.

How was it supporting Liam Gallagher?

It was great. We got to play in some great rooms and also got to watch Liam play a few times. His voice and stage presence is better than ever.

And, finally, what are some of your favourite albums that you’d personally recommend?

Julia Jacklin – Crushing
Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks
Orbital – Orbital 2
Daft Punk – Discovery
The Laurels – Plains
Oasis – Heathen Chemistry
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl
Sam Cooke – Best Of

That’s just what comes to mind I could go on and on …


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