Society of the Month – February


This year’s Society of the Month is the Malaysian Society 

The Malaysian Society spent the month of February organising the WMS: Welsh Malaysian Shield. This is a event to which various Universities were invited to attend and included a day of food with a-local Malaysian vendors and sporting activities all afternoon; games such as 5-a-side football, volleyball, basketball and frisbee saw Aberystwyth, USW, Cardiff and UWTSD all compete for the shield. It wasn’t a completely smooth ride getting to the day, as the late announcement of a coronavirus case in Swansea deterred many people from travelling down for it. The Committee effectively managed to mitigate the impact of this on the event by reaching out to other local groups within the Malaysian community to fill spots as well as restructuring the fixtures for the day, exuding excellent co-operation, teamwork and communication amongst themselves and with all those attending. Overall, it was a very successful event with University of South Wales taking home the shield! Congratulations to all. 


Over the month of February, the Swansea Women in Business society (SWIB) hosted a series of workshops to kick off the second term, which included: 

  • A CV workshop 
  • How to Network and the Steps After 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Personal Branding and Social Media Appearance 
  • Have started to organise an International Women’s Day Gala for the end of March 

Guest speakers and local entrepreneurs were called in to lead the workshops and the events were highly attended by both male and female students; it was evident that the content covered provided them with invaluable knowledge relevant not just to the world of business, but to the wider world of work as well as to their studies.  

Christian Union 

February was a very busy month for the Christian Union as they held a variety of events named ‘Explore’. They hosted free lunch events on both Singleton and Bay Campuses, discussing various big questions people have about the world and the Bible’s response to them, such as ‘can God and science co-exist’, ‘how could a good God allow suffering’ and ‘what does God have to say about my mental health?’. The month ended with a free pizza dinner at the Waterfront Community Church, discussing the topic of whether Jesus is a liar, lunatic or Lord, as author C. S. Lewis famously debated. More events of the kind will be hosted in the upcoming weeks, so don’t worry if you missed these! Get in touch with the Christian Union for more information if you’re interested. 

Live Music Society 

The Live Music Society held another very well attended event in Hayes & Beale which fully showcased all the society’s amazing talent! 


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