Dopplle is a student led start-up that aims to bring accessible, sustainable fashion to students who want to look good whilst on a budget, without damaging the environment. By downloading and getting involved with Dopplle, you can start swapping clothes with other students at your university.

Over the past year Dopplle have been running successful Swap Shops at Universities across the UK (including Exeter University and the University of Bath) but are now launching their own sustainable clothes swapping app for students across the country!

When the concept of Dopplle was created, the ethos of being sustainable, accessible and budget friendly for students was really important. The co-founders, Izzie and Sam, are also university students at the University of Bath and the University of Nottingham, so understand the struggles of being sustainable while being a student. There are many options and ways to buy cheap and affordable clothes on the high-street and online, but many of these are not sustainable nor ethical. On the flip side, sites selling preloved or sustainable clothes have begun to wise up to the appeal of their services, making their prices shoot up beyond the bounds of the average student budget. So, Dopplle was born!

After 9 months of brainstorming, app development and testing, the Dopplle app is now officially live! Dopplle are super proud of what they have achieved in such a short amount of time and they hope that other students will love it too. The app is extremely simple to set up and use. Here’s how you can get started today:

  1. Download the App – available on iOS or Android.
  2. Create an account and join your university or college group.
  3. Upload your pre-loved items that are still in good condition.
  4. Browse Dopplle and start swapping!

Don’t just swap it, Dopplle it!

Dopplle are also recruiting Student Ambassadors at every university and college across the country. Dopplle Ambassadors will help spread the word about clothes swapping and living a more sustainable lifestyle. In return, Ambassadors will gain invaluable business skills, run their own events and boost their CV when looking to move into the professional world. If you’re interested in representing the Dopplle brand at Swansea University then you can apply by researching Dopplle student brand ambassador, where you can fill out the relevant form. 

Read all about our brand by searching for Dopplle or follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@Dopplle)


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