As Rohit

“As Rohit”

By Ashish Dwivedi

As wise as my palm speaks,
as bald as the privacy doors,
as brave as a wounded seagull,
as feminine as the songs of Sanu,
as masculine as speaking trees,
as coy as the CostCutter tills,
as angry as a dying mermaid,
as weird as Chintu’s impressions,
as good as the crystal heavens,
as special as the memory of Papa,
as fearful as the edge of Genesis,
as dodgy as the first day at work,
as fragile as the burning snowflake,
as adorable as tomorrow’s promise,
as annoying as the bedroom spiders,
as dreamy as the forests of Narnia,
as gullible as chocolates and canines,
as lascivious as the pundits of Kerala,
as blind as the nymphs of Sycorax,
as ambitious as the avatars of Vishnu,
as compelling as pizza and wine,
as lonely as the butterflies of Singleton,
as attractive as Student Rep mer,
as patient as the charm of Tintern,
as grumpy as Ashish’s mood swings,
as new as New Year’s,
as Rohit as you are!


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