Don’t Call Her Daddy: A Critique of the Call Her Daddy Podcast

The Call Her Daddy (CHD)  podcast is run by Alexandra Cooper for Barstool Sports.  Last year,  it hit the news because one of the old co-hosts, Sofia Franklyn, left the podcast. It’s still unclear what the actual truth of the separation is, but  Alexandra now runs CHD and Sofia has her own separate podcast. The podcast mostly focuses on discussions around sex and relationships, with sex tips scattered through the epsiode alongside some harmful stories and hints labelled as  “advice.” Somehow, it’s rated 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts even though CHD endorses mind-games, cheating and even unsafe BDSM. 



Numerous episodes of the podcast focus on ways to cheat on your partner. It’s baffling how much Alexandra endorses unhealthy, toxic behaviours and encourages cheating. CHD seems to completely disregard men’s feelings often, yet acknowledges that being cheated on is such a traumatic experience that ruins a person’s perception of trust and relationships. It is a topic that’s talked about so frequently that listening to just a handful of episodes will cover it at least once. It is clear that heterosexual men should never cheat on their girlfriends – however, apparently the man deserves it if a straight woman cheats.


Mind Games

If cheating wasn’t enough, the podcast encourages women to play games with men. They very much have the logic that if the other person is doing it, then you should too. There’s rarely a disclaimer to give the other person a chance and listeners are encouraged to start from the off with games. Until your partner gives you a reason not to, no matter how hard it is due to past traumas, it is so important to start from a place of as much trust as possible. Then if your partner breaks that trust, address it and move on or leave! Anyone is worth more than a partner who plays mind games. 


Unsafe Sex

One episode was particularly problematic because one of the hosts described having sex with a partner who used the sleeves of a jumper as rope or handcuffs. She encourages others to do the same without the necessary conversations around safe words, aftercare and education. There is a reason specific restraints and rope are used in kink; there are also specific knots and techniques to use to make sure your partner is as safe as possible. There are numerous beginner friendly ways to experiment with restraints: buy some cuffs, some bondage or Shibari rope, look up tutorials and practice on yourself first always! Using random items of clothing as restraints without conversations about the risks involved should absolutely not be encouraged. 


Sex positivity doesn’t have to be like this; the CHD podcast feels like “locker room talk” but from a woman. Just because it’s a woman talking about sex positivity doesn’t mean it can’t still be unhealthy and toxic. Trust is so important in sex and relationships and is especially crucial if you are trying something new. The only positive thing that the podcast encourages is female masturbation, but there are plenty of other podcasts that are more helpful. A couple that I enjoy are: Binchtopia and Goes Without Saying. Save yourself from the terrible advice and heartache and find a different podcast. 



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